The Timeout Parameters, can be easily changed through the profile option setup. I would recommend to change the default values against the corporate needs and policies. The 3 profile options that control the timeout times are: – ICX:Session Timeout – determines how many minutes a form session can be inactive before the session is disabled. […]

How often a password reset is required? How long does it take to find time to reset the password manually? Implementing the Self Service Password Reset can save a lot of manual workload and can be done in few easy steps. The workflow, before the to reset the password, will ask the user to confirm […]

After 2 weeks of holiday… I finally wrote the script that automate the transfer of one or more form personalization from an environment to another. This script will take in input the function names associated to each form personalization, will download the *.ldt files and will create the installation script to be executed on […]

General Description The Audit Trail is an Oracle inbuilt functionality that lets audit specific columns belonging to selected tables. This implementation enhances the security of the system. Purpose Purpose of this document is to instruct the user to setup the Oracle AuditTrail on the following tables: • FND_PROFILE_OPTION_VALUES (Profile Option Updates) • FND_USER (New User […]

Purpose The Purpose of this of this configuration, is to create a report that shows which active responsibilities are assigned to which active users. The same procedure can be followed to create a report that runs whatever query. Description The implementation of this report will be divided in 5 steps: 1. Create the Executable on […]

Get the OCI8 module working on a Mac require several settings. I wrote a script to automate the procedure that install and configure SqlPlus, the Oracle Client v10.2, Apache2, PHP5 and the OCI8 on a Mac OS X running Leopard. The script was tested on a Leopard 10.5.4 machine. I have never tested it on […]

Today I wrote this script that can be used to install and configure SqlPlus on a Mac OS X. It was tested on a Leopard 10.5.4 machine. Pre-installation: 1. Download from the Oracle website the Oracle Client for Mac OS X (Intel x86) Version and the SqlPlus: – the Oracle Client ‘Instant Package – […]

Connecting an Oracle Database via PHP, requires a not easy procedure. The bash scripts and will automate the set up process for you. The scripts are tested on a virtual machine running OS Linux Ubuntu Server 8.04.1 i386 created on a Mac OS X running Leopard 10.5.3. will install and configure Apache2, PHP5, the Oracle Client v10.2 […]