The following code will query some data from the Oracle Database and will export them on a CSV file. The webserver where this script is executed should have the OCI8 library installed. The execution of this script can be also scheduled to have a periodic backup of a certain table. The script below will extract […]

Sometimes it’s needed to send an email using PL/SQL. This can be done with few lines of code pasted below. The variables $server.address, $domain, $sender_email, $recipient_email should be replaced with the relevant information. DECLARE l_retVal INTEGER; v_connection UTL_SMTP.connection; BEGIN v_connection := UTL_SMTP.open_connection(‘$server.address’); UTL_SMTP.helo(v_connection, ‘$domain’); UTL_SMTP.mail(v_connection, ‘$sender_email’); UTL_SMTP.rcpt(v_connection, ‘$recipient_email’); UTL_SMTP.open_data(v_connection); UTL_SMTP.write_data(v_connection, ‘From: $sender_email’ || UTL_TCP.crlf); UTL_SMTP.write_data(v_connection, […]

The error ‘The Function Is Not Available Under The Responsibility’ appears rarely after the menu of a responsibility is updated. The problem resolution is quite straight forward. Action Plan (1) 1) Manually run the ‘Compile Security’ concurrent program, set the parameter to YES. In case the problem is not solved, then this is another solution. […]

The Timeout Parameters, can be easily changed through the profile option setup. I would recommend to change the default values against the corporate needs and policies. The 3 profile options that control the timeout times are: – ICX:Session Timeout – determines how many minutes a form session can be inactive before the session is disabled. […]

How often a password reset is required? How long does it take to find time to reset the password manually? Implementing the Self Service Password Reset can save a lot of manual workload and can be done in few easy steps. The workflow, before the to reset the password, will ask the user to confirm […]

After 2 weeks of holiday… I finally wrote the script that automate the transfer of one or more form personalization from an environment to another. This script will take in input the function names associated to each form personalization, will download the *.ldt files and will create the installation script to be executed on […]

Purpose The Purpose of this Form Personalization is to restrict the list of responsibilities that a user can assign using the ‘Users’ function that access the form FNDSCAUS. Description The implementation of this Form Personalization is divided in 3 steps: 1. Restrict the List of Values of the Responsibilities. 2. Restrict the Direct Responsibility List. […]

Sometimes it’s needed to check what a user can do in the system. The script functions_x_user.sql can be customized to know which function a user can access. If you find it useful don’t forget to leave your comment!

Purpose The Purpose of this Form Personalization is to limit the access to the profile option settings restricting the LoV of the profile options displayed. Description The implementation of this Form Personalization is divided in 2 steps: 1. Restrict the Profile Options List of Values. 2. Hide and Disable the un-needed fields. Form Personalization Definition […]

In case there is a misconfiguration of the system, it can happen that when a user tries to reset his password clicking the link ‘Forgot your password?’ the password request approval is sent as a notification and not as email. Obviously if a user doesn’t remember is password cannot access the notifications. This problem affects […]

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