Keeping a team organized sometimes might be challenging. Below 16 advices to improve your team organization. Ensure that your team is able to perform any task also if you are on vacation. Require the team submit regular progress reports. Delegate as many as possible activities that do not fit into your schedule. Do not organize […]

Expertise, nowadays, is a baseline competence very important to do the job; but how to have a superior performance? Below 30 advices! Be able to get things done. Take initiative and be persistent. Whatever is the assignment, give the best effort. If you take care of the current job, the future will take care of […]

Employees productivity depends much on how they feel about their job. But how would you keep employees happy? Here some useful tips!

When was the last time you had to deal with difficult people? Everyday life is full of human relationship conflicts. No matter where we go, we will always have to interact with difficult people. The interaction with them might be be simplified learning how to deal with these situations. After doing some research, I found […]