30 Advices to have a superior performance at work

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Expertise, nowadays, is a baseline competence very important to do the job; but how to have a superior performance? Below 30 advices!

  1. Be able to get things done.
  2. Take initiative and be persistent.
  3. Whatever is the assignment, give the best effort. If you take care of the current job, the future will take care of itself.
  4. Do not wait passively for anyone. Follow-ups are vital for progressing.
  5. Confirm instructions in writing. Lot of people tends to forget things.
  6. Be careful to the accuracy of your statements. Do not give opinion if you haven’t studied the facts.
  7. If you don’t know something that you are supposed to know, tell that you don’t know and that you will find out right away.
  8. Be careful when you put something in writing. That will stay forever and will be available to almost everybody. Avoid anger, malice and disrespect.
  9. Speak up and give ideas. It pays to express your point of view if it gives a contribution.
  10. Be clear and brief when writing reports or answering questions. Time is expensive so all the unnecessary information can be removed.
  11. Do not try to keep everybody happy, but seek and consider other people opinion and recommendations. It will be much easier to let the others accept your decisions and policies.
  12. Do not promise if you are not sure you can deliver. Tell, instead, that there are too many uncertain factors to be considered.
  13. When you are dissatisfied with the service of another team or department, discuss this with the person directly responsible for that function. Escalate the issue only if that attempt failed.
  14. Consider all the relevant facts before to take a decision.
  15. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  16. Before to do an announcement, discuss the topic first with the directly interested and key persons.
  17. Plan your activities far enough ahead to avoid last minute rush.
  18. Get along with people but do not be too affable.
  19. Do not invade the domain of other teams or departments without previously having the consent of the person in charge. He/she usually knows more then you about the topic.
  20. Consider the feelings and interests of the others.
  21. Help the others whenever is possible. People will be glad to help you back when you will need.
  22. Be fair. Always.
  23. Be honest, trustworthy, responsible and behave ethically. Your personal integrity is your most important asset.
  24. Do not give vent to impatience, annoyance and provocations. In this way things might just get worst.
  25. Care of your personal appearance. This will be noted explicitly or subconsciously.
  26. Do not use a profane language.
  27. When having a meeting or a business trip, prepare it, execute it and send a summary or report when it’s completed.
  28. Make your manager aware of what is going on in your area and keep him/her informed of the significant developments.
  29. If you have to report a problem to your manager, give also a possible solution to it.
  30. When your manager asks you to do something, that has to be treated with priority and you are expected to do exactly what has been requested. Do not give space to your initiative if you are not totally sure of what you are doing.

Do you agree on these advices? Do you have more to suggest? Comments are welcome!

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