16 Advices to be keep your team well organized

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Keeping a team organized sometimes might be challenging. Below 16 advices to improve your team organization.

  1. Ensure that your team is able to perform any task also if you are on vacation.
  2. Require the team submit regular progress reports.
  3. Delegate as many as possible activities that do not fit into your schedule.
  4. Do not organize too long or too short meetings. During the meetings avoid long digressions of the arguments and ensure only the relevant persons are invited.
  5. Develop project management skills and study PM techniques like resource planning, calendar scheduling and progress tracking.
  6. Make sure everyone in the team knows clearly what their responsibilities are and what are the goals and expectations.
  7. Give the team members enough authority to execute their work. It gets extremely difficult to get things done when it’s required to have approvals from many other parties.
  8. Develop competence to be a subject matter expert for the team.
  9. Periodically review the performances of the team.
  10. Do not override your subordinates. There is nothing more demotivating than a team leader exercising his authority without regards of the team member responsible for the job.
  11. Do not criticize a subordinate in front of others. This will affect prestige and morale.
  12. Show interest in what your team is doing. If the team leader is not interested, why should the staff be?
  13. Reward subordinates for a good work. Help them, advise them and stimulate them to do a good job.
  14. Be responsible for the success and failures of your team. The team members should not be the ones to blame.
  15. Make sure your subordinates are fairly compensated. At the end, people mostly work because we are paid for it.
  16. Protect the interested of your staff. Treat your people as human beings rather than machines.

More advices to suggest? Comments are welcome!