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HOW-TO: Change the Timeout Parameters in the EBS

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The Timeout Parameters, can be easily changed through the profile option setup. I would recommend to change the default values against the corporate needs and policies.

The 3 profile options that control the timeout times are:
– ICX:Session Timeout – determines how many minutes a form session can be inactive before the session is disabled. This mean that if the user is not performing any action on a certain form for the set number of minutes, he will need to log in again.

– ICX: Limit time – determines the maximum time for a connection (in hours). A user activity cannot be longer then this time.

– ICX: Limit connect – determines the maximum number of connection a user can request in each session.

To change these profile options you can open the System Profile Values Form in this way:
System Administrator -> Profile -> System

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  1. Ahmed Forsan

    March 14, 2011

    Thank you,very helpful