It can happen that after unendating a responsibility assignment, the user cannot see that responsibility. To solve this problem there are 2 procedures that can help: 1. Run the request ‘Sync responsibility role data into the WF table’. 2. Run the request “Synchronize WF LOCAL tables”. 3. Run the request “Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation” […]

If you are connecting an Oracle Database using an Apache2 webserver that runs on an Ubuntu machine, you might randomly have this error. Warning: ocilogon() http://function.ocilogon: OCIEnvNlsCreate() failed. There is something wrong with your system – please check that LD_LIBRARY_PATH includes the directory with Oracle Instant Client libraries. It can be solved setting properly the […]

Purpose The Purpose of this of this configuration, is to create a report that shows which active responsibilities are assigned to which active users. The same procedure can be followed to create a report that runs whatever query. Description The implementation of this report will be divided in 5 steps: 1. Create the Executable on […]

Before to set an end date to a user account, it always worth to check if there are scheduled concurrent programs assigned. The script scheduled_programs.sql can be customized to get which users have scheduled the same program or which programs have been scheduled by a single user. If you find it useful do not forget […]