Keeping a team organized sometimes might be challenging. Below 16 advices to improve your team organization. Ensure that your team is able to perform any task also if you are on vacation. Require the team submit regular progress reports. Delegate as many as possible activities that do not fit into your schedule. Do not organize too long or too short meetings. During the meetings avoid long digressions of the arguments and ensure only the relevant persons are invited. Develop project management skills and study PM techniques like resource planning, calendar scheduling and progress tracking. Make sure everyone in the team knows clearly what their responsibilities are and what are the goals and expectations. Give the team members enough authority to [...]


Expertise, nowadays, is a baseline competence very important to do the job; but how to have a superior performance? Below 30 advices! Be able to get things done. Take initiative and be persistent. Whatever is the assignment, give the best effort. If you take care of the current job, the future will take care of itself. Do not wait passively for anyone. Follow-ups are vital for progressing. Confirm instructions in writing. Lot of people tends to forget things. Be careful to the accuracy of your statements. Do not give opinion if you haven’t studied the facts. If you don’t know something that you are supposed to know, tell that you don’t know and that you will find out right away. [...]

How-To Motivate People

Employees productivity depends much on how they feel about their job. But how would you keep employees happy? Here some useful tips!

How-to deal with difficult people

When was the last time you had to deal with difficult people? Everyday life is full of human relationship conflicts. No matter where we go, we will always have to interact with difficult people. The interaction with them might be be simplified learning how to deal with these situations. After doing some research, I found out there are 8 types of difficult people. Each type has a different personality. I will discuss below their behaviors, the reasons why they behave like that and I will suggest how to deal with them. 1. The Sherman Tank Behavior: They want to do everything their way or no way. They are aggressive, angry and hostile and they devalue people that don’t have the [...]

Backup Oracle Table

The following code will query some data from the Oracle Database and will export them on a CSV file. The webserver where this script is executed should have the OCI8 library installed. The execution of this script can be also scheduled to have a periodic backup of a certain table. The script below will extract from the system the forms used by each Oracle EBS user. $ORACLE_USERNAME = ‘RAC_ACCNT’; $ORACLE_PASSWORD = ‘PASSWORD’; $ORACLE_SID = ‘SID’; $ORACLE_CONNECT = OCILogon($ORACLE_USERNAME, $ORACLE_PASSWORD, $ORACLE_SID); $time = date(“H_i”); $day = date(“d”); $month = strtoupper(date(“m”)); $year = date(“Y”); $today = $year . “-” . $month . “-” . $day; // FND_LOGINS $query_table_to_backup = ” SELECT DISTINCT D.USER_NAME, E.RESPONSIBILITY_NAME, TO_CHAR(A.START_TIME,’DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS’), TO_CHAR(A.END_TIME,’DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS’), G.USER_FORM_NAME, TO_CHAR(F.START_TIME,’DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS’) FORM_START_TIME, [...]

Send Email PL/SQL

Sometimes it’s needed to send an email using PL/SQL. This can be done with few lines of code pasted below. The variables $server.address, $domain, $sender_email, $recipient_email should be replaced with the relevant information. DECLARE l_retVal INTEGER; v_connection UTL_SMTP.connection; BEGIN v_connection := UTL_SMTP.open_connection(‘$server.address’); UTL_SMTP.helo(v_connection, ‘$domain’); UTL_SMTP.mail(v_connection, ‘$sender_email’); UTL_SMTP.rcpt(v_connection, ‘$recipient_email’); UTL_SMTP.open_data(v_connection); UTL_SMTP.write_data(v_connection, ‘From: $sender_email’ || UTL_TCP.crlf); UTL_SMTP.write_data(v_connection, ‘To: $recipient_email’ || UTL_TCP.crlf); UTL_SMTP.write_data(v_connection, ‘The Subject!’ || UTL_TCP.crlf); UTL_SMTP.write_data(v_connection, ‘The Content!’ || UTL_TCP.crlf); UTL_SMTP.close_data(v_connection); UTL_SMTP.quit(v_connection); EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN null; END; Did it work for you?

Function Is Not Available Under The Responsibility

The error ‘The Function Is Not Available Under The Responsibility’ appears rarely after the menu of a responsibility is updated. The problem resolution is quite straight forward. Action Plan (1) 1) Manually run the ‘Compile Security’ concurrent program, set the parameter to YES. In case the problem is not solved, then this is another solution. Action Plan (1) 1) Manually run the ‘Compile Security’ concurrent program, set the parameter to YES. 2) Shut down Middle Tier (Apache) 3) Delete the contents of $OA_HTML/_pages directory 4) Restart Middle tier 5) Test the menu item

Change the Timeout Parameters in the EBS

The Timeout Parameters, can be easily changed through the profile option setup. I would recommend to change the default values against the corporate needs and policies. The 3 profile options that control the timeout times are: – ICX:Session Timeout – determines how many minutes a form session can be inactive before the session is disabled. This mean that if the user is not performing any action on a certain form for the set number of minutes, he will need to log in again. – ICX: Limit time – determines the maximum time for a connection (in hours). A user activity cannot be longer then this time. – ICX: Limit connect – determines the maximum number of connection a user can [...]


How often a password reset is required? How long does it take to find time to reset the password manually? Implementing the Self Service Password Reset can save a lot of manual workload and can be done in few easy steps. The workflow, before the to reset the password, will ask the user to confirm by email the new password request. This prevents any other user, to reset passwords without authorization. Here the setup to be done in the TESTING ENVIRONMENTS ONLY. 1. Execute the following queries that will change all the email addresses from the po_vendor_sites_all table SQL> update wf_notifications set status = ‘CLOSED’, mail_status=’SENT’,end_date=SYSDATE where status != ‘CLOSED’; SQL> update po_vendor_sites_all set email_address=’’,remittance_email=’’; 2. Make sure the Override [...]


After 2 weeks of holiday… I finally wrote the script that automate the transfer of one or more form personalization from an environment to another. This script will take in input the function names associated to each form personalization, will download the *.ldt files and will create the installation script to be executed on the server where the personalization should be installed. The parameters that the script requires in input are: – RFC NUMBER: is the Request For Change ID to be written in the installation script (can be blank) – RFC TITLE: is the Request For Change Title to be written in the installation script (can be blank) – RFC DEVELOPER: is the person in charge of the [...]